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Our objective is to save you time and money


How to finance lease?comment faire pour acheter une voiture en leasing

  • You fill out a questionnaire describing your needs
  • We qualify and pass the best leasing companies.
  • You will receive the quote as soon as possible.
  • By completing the form below, you will get the best offer received for the financing of your personal property, real estate or even medical and special equipment ..

Documents required for the final agreement:

  1. Pro forma invoice or copy of registration certificate (furniture).document a préparer les documents à fournir pour financement en leasing
  2. Cover letter + recent land title + expertise (real estate).
  3. Copy of the national identity card.
  4. Tax ID.
  5. recent trade register (for non-traders: Farmer’s Certificate or professional card.)
  6. Last three bank statements.
  7. Statutes updated (for legal entities).
  8. Balance sheets and related statements for the last 03 years duly signed